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6 two 6 offers its clients another perspective in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – we offer a business problem solving service and  we are experts in providing environmental solutions and  have a unique approach in performance improvement.

A recent survey of CEO’s identified, that in order to survive in this complex world, the key traits of the future enterprise will be the ability to innovate and change, global integration, new business models and genuine values. Collaboration is and will play a vital role achieving future business goals – creating connections and discussions will become a key skill for business leaders.

6 two 6 intends to be in the middle of this emerging business landscape – we provide our clients with support on the issues that are most challenging to them by creating discussions, engaging knowledgeable people and applying experience where it can create the most value.

At the end of the day utilizing external and independent support must provide the business with value for money. Our range of services have been developed to improve the performance of our clients business where return on the investment is tangible, sustainable and unquestionable.

We are not a traditional consulting firm. We are practitioners with many years  of hands on experience.  We see value in creating discussions with all stake holders and employees, customers, unions, suppliers and shareholders.

We are action and results orientated with an enviable network of like minded experts and specialists to enable us to solve any problem – please contact us, make a connection and start a conversation that will move your business to improved performance.

The 6 two 6 Approach

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6 two 6 approach An honest review of the outcomes and next stepsPractical intervention into the issueClearly define the briefLook at the options and approaches the will support you the best Share and talk over the key issues affecting your business

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