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It is often true that most of the answers are right in front of you. Sometimes a different perspective can unlock the route to overcoming challenges. We offer our customers that different perspective.

6 two 6 provide a range of business problem solving services that help our customers find the improvements they need to achieve their goals.

We take time to discuss and explore each challenge and agree precisely with each client the exact brief for any project. We use our guiding framework to gather the insights we need in order to provide relevant and applicable solutions.

At 6 two 6 we look at challenges from a positive perspective, what you do well, rather than only looking at negative issues. We also believe in an open approach, with high involvement from people who can help.The services we provide include;

Business Problem Solving – finding solutions to specific challenges, leading and supporting project teams or carrying out a healthcheck of key functions to identify unrealized value.

Environmental Solutions – a range of services to support you achieving your environmental and sustainability objectives.

Performance Improvement – working with a partner to support you communicate your message to your people.

Our process starts with a discussion, a chance to share the issue and explore the types of solutions required.

Remember most of the answers are right in front of you – let’s use a different perspective and find solutions to your business problems today.

Our Approach

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