Performance Improvement

Working in partnership with Akabusi PLUS we work with clients to create world class business athletes.

Research shows that most businesses fail to meet their aspirations, not because they don’t have a plan but because their people don’t understand it – it’s as high as 85% in some companies. No company can perform with only 15% of its team running in the same direction.

We support you to communicate your message to your people.We run facilitated programmes, orientated around your business and context, where we communicate your plan and gain alignment, clarity and engagement with your people – in a language that gains a common understanding. We provide you with unvarnished feedback

Try this 5 Minute Test

1. Write down the primary strategic goals for your organization? – the ones you have to achieve this year.
2. Write down these three headings;

a. Definitely
b. Possibly
c. Unlikely

3. Consider which of your team members could accurately articulate those goals. Write down the name against the heading that, in your opinion, they most likely fall into.

4. How does this look? – What percentage are not “definitely’s”

Can you afford for that much or your business to be running in a different direction?

We can really test this by talking to each team member to assess if a gap really exists and if there is – we can discuss how we might be able to help you.

Our Approach

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