Operational Assessment



The client was a division of a UK PLC in the Environmental Service sector. Over the last decade the company has undertaken a significant change in strategic direction and continues to adapt to an rapidly changing market.

 The client has a track record of investing in new technologies to stay at the competitive edge of turning waste into a resource through recycling and treatment processes. A recently completed process facility was fully operational and behind plan on performance.

The company leadership required faster progress on improvements and to eradicate unsustainable levels of operating losses.

6two6 were contracted to find solutions to the business problem by identifying what improvements could be made and to establish a reliable break-even position.

We approached the challenge via a number of interventions:

  • Assess current capability
  • Set up a project office and resource
  • Gain visibility of the key issues
  • Identify short-term actions
  • Implement a continuous improvement approach
  • Re-evaluate and negotiate commercial arrangements
  • Recommendations to the Group Board
  • Implement actions

The client was provided with an un-varnished and transparent appraisal of the current situation and likely future state. This enabled the Group Board to approve the recommendation to close and divest the facility in order to cap losses and recover value from the equipment and property.