Senior Leadership Workshop


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Amgen are a global, market leading, biotechnology company, specializing in therapies that extend patient life by valuable days and weeks. After a very successful year in the UK, Amgen are introducing some new products but also need to maintain sales on the core products of today. In parallel to this challenge the Global organization is re-shaping which may impact on UK jobs.

The UK General Manager was holding a Leadership Forum to provide the UK team information of the upcoming changes and to prepare them for a challenging 2015.

Akabusi Plus was contracted to run a facilitated workshop that would encourage cross functional working, identification of the challenges to be overcome and the key objective of fostering a greater understanding of the 2015 objectives.

We took the Amgen team through a series of exercises and frameworks that met the brief. The team worked in mixed groups all day and provided clear and unambiguous feedback on the key issues to be overcome is 2015 was to be successful. The 2015 objectives were reviewed, correlated to current understanding and improvement suggestions provided.

The style and energy of the day encouraged delegates to take action immediately in preparation for 2015.

 The client, the HR Director and Head of Learning and Development, were able to ensure that the Leadership Team were involved and engaged in the key issues for 2015. Key messages for personal and team development were delivered within the workshop content that provided the customer with a platform on which to provide continued development in 2015.

 Akabusi Plus is a partnership between The Akabusi Company and 6two6 Limited. We believe in using inspiration to achieve change in people. We gain clarity, engagement and alignment through facilitated workshops. Our customers are able to move forward positively and with more energy to achieve their strategies.